JMIC offer comprehesive services to families dealing with a bereavement in accordance with Islamic principles. The masjid also has facilities including

  • Wash room – where the body of the deceased is washed
  • Mortuary – refrigerated storage chamber to accommodate 4 bodies
  • Relatives room – a small room where immediate family members may wait. Larger spaces are available upon request.

Furthermore, JMIC provides even support and guidance and works closeley with Slough Funeral Services.

  • How to arrange a funeral
  • What to do when somebody passes away
  • Who to contact
  • Ghusl and Shroud workshops
  • Training to become a Ghusl and Shroud Facilitator

Please call us or email if you are facing a bereavement who can help with the process. You can also watch a useful video about the process from our recent workshop.